We want to shout from the rooftops about our newest range of products. These are the elegant Crave products now in New Zealand at The FemTech Revolution. Let me start with a bit of background before I provide an exposé of this line of products and the Crave brand itself.

Crave products are sophisticated and beautiful, just like you. Crave aims to make buying and using a sex toy an elevated experience. One that leads to fulfilment and thoughtful conversations about sexuality.


Female orgasms, a design flaw?!

This was painful to read – a design flaw? Imagine if generations ahead of us have this design flaw fixed? This can’t happen. Let me backtrack. I was recently looking for excuses to increase my frequency of orgasms, because I knew they must be good for you. I went where any researcher would go – to a book ‘The Science of Orgasm‘ in search of these health benefits. But I couldn’t get past the start where female orgasms were described as a design flaw. A remnant of the orgasms needed for men to spread their seed. Women, it seems, don’t need orgasms to procreate in the same way men do not need nipples. Researchers have studied the question, do female orgasms improve fertilisation? There are some theories but a lack of conclusive data. But come on, surely less females would be available for sex if it weren’t for this flaw?

So, are orgasms good for our health? Well there is not much scientific evidence that orgasms offer any specific health benefits. But orgasms are pleasurable, and pleasure is in itself a benefit. Pleasure may improve a person’s mood, relieve stress, boost immunity, and also foster better relationships. You’d be silly not to participate. We have a lovely range of products to assist you in this area. Let me showcase here…

Crave: Own Your Pleasure

Photo of Ti Change, VP of design for Crave.

Ti Chang and Michael Topolovac founded Crave in 2012. Ti, VP of design, is an award-winning industrial designer committed to creating innovative products with years of experience working in designing products for women. She also leads the design vision of the company’s full line of products and has been the leading voice in bringing modern sex toys into the mainstream. Michael is a serial entrepreneur with two decades of business experience building companies involved in the development of consumer products. At Crave, Michael oversees business operations and leads the engineering team.

The ethos at Crave is a belief that everyone should own their pleasure. They use modern design and manufacturing to create a range of refined sex toys that make pleasure accessible for everyone. The Crave products also create space for conversation around pleasure.

Text quote from Crave about creating more conversations about female pleasure.
A clip from the Crave website. Crave are involved in projects to create, instigate, and inspire conversation around pleasure.

Crave is one of the few brands that has bridged the gap between secret sex toy shop and the general public. They sell their products in mainstream retail stores such as Goop. The NZ Herald has featured Two of Crave’s products, the Bullet and Vesper, in article called “Gwyneth Paltrow’s very kinky Goop Christmas gift guide” back in 2017!

The Crave Products

Crave design and develop all of their products by a women-led team in an advanced R&D centre and micro-factory in San Francisco. They also develop products using best-in-class body-safe materials and sustainable power sources, that are durable and ideal for lasting pleasure. Here we describe a few of their main products.

Crave Vesper NZ: A statement jewellery piece AND and powerful vibrator!

Picture of woman wearing Crave Vesper NZ

Vesper embodies Crave’s bold, sophisticated pleasure. The body, tip, and chain are made of stainless steel which contributes to rumbly vibrations and a luxurious look and feel. All while staying whisper quiet.

The Crave Vesper, available in Rose Gold or Silver, is designed for public and private settings, both as elegant jewellery and a strong slim external vibrator. Vesper has a cult-following as a symbol of empowerment and a conversation starter, allowing customers to embrace their sexuality.

Crave describes the Vesper as:

“Bold, powerful, unapologetic, inspiring confidence, encouraging women to feel sexy without shame or stigma”.

Duet Classic NZ: The world’s first crowd-funded vibrator

This was Crave’s first and signature product, and the world’s first crowd-funded vibrator! The Duet Classic has two powerful motorised tips that are encased in silicone in this first of it’s kind vibrator. This unique design allows for focused clitoral stimulation with a variety of power settings. With its discreet design, convenient USB charging, and high-quality materials, the Duet is a luxury experience.

Customers from novices to experts give the Duet rave reviews. Because of it’s 16 variable settings, a turbo mode, and multiple facets on dual motors, the Duet is a highly customisable vibrator. It is also USB rechargeable and completely waterproof!

Duet Flex NZ: Crowdsourced vibration patterns

The Duet Flex is similar to the Duet Classic, only more flexible so that it can follow the contours of your body. A fun note about the Duet Flex, the vibration patterns were optimised based on a crowd sourcing project. This project collected qualitative and quantitative data from a few hundred Flex customers to discover what vibration patterns people preferred. After lots of data analysis, four patterns were combined with four intensity settings to bring users 16 of the most desirable vibration patterns ever to appear on a vibrator.

Duet Pro NZ: the next generation of Duet product

The unique feature of this advanced device is that you can customise the vibrations via the online MyVibes app. It’s easy to use and completely private. Once you design the patterns you want, just connect the Duet Pro to your computer via USB and download. Then, you’re good to go! And go. And go again….

Wink+ NZ

The Wink+ is a beautiful, rechargeable, and discreet. It’s a small but powerful vibrator you can keep in plain sight. Because it is crafted from high quality metals, the Wink+ provides not only incredible longevity but also a much more intense vibration than traditional plastic or silicone vibrators. These are available in both Gunmetal and Rose Gold.

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