We are delighted to be able to share the following article around natural fertility with you below from Rebecca Crowe of Hormone Harmony. Rebecca is a Natural Fertility and Women’s Health Advisor here in New Zealand and mumma to five children! Rebecca helps women to understand their fertility, hormone health, and their own bodies. She shares our ethos that knowledge is power and self-care should never be a privilege ♥.

Educating and inspiring you to celebrate your feminine dignity, while owning and understanding your cycle and practicing excellent self-care.

Hormone Harmony, New Zealand

Fertility is a gift! It is Rebecca’s vision to nurture and protect the life-giving endowment of fertility and to ensure fertility awareness. “Awareness of self leads to wholeness and true freedom” she describes. You can learn more about what we offer in the fertility space here. Rebecca has written the text below.

You’ve heard me say it before…knowledge is power…and the ball is in your court. This is your body.

A discussion on fertility from Rebecca Crowe

It is time for the awareness of scientifically based natural fertility to be known. Gone are the days of thinking “natural family planning” was all about counting days or a rhythm method. Natural fertility is based on sound and thorough scientific research, with the trend towards living an organic and natural lifestyle, monitoring your cycle naturally should be automatic and a “no-brainer”.

Understanding the patterns of your menstrual cycle gives you a complete picture of your gynecological health. Women were not made to suffer with their fertility, feel helpless or fearful, or experience the myriad of side effects related to chemical contraception. “Hormone Harmony” is finding balance in every area of your life, in your diet, physical activity, stress levels, loving relationships and love and respect of self. As women our cycles are dependent on the homeostasis in our lives, and pumping our bodies full of hormonal contraception never assisted anyone’s body to behave as it should.

I am startled that only 3% of women know the day they ovulate each month. How have we become so out of touch with our bodies?? And believe me, the many apps online for monitoring your cycle, present many issues of reliability. And discredit the reputation of sound, scientific methods. It is a necessity to learn the guidelines of natural fertility under the supervision of a trained teacher.

This is my new vision for natural fertility!

That every woman understands the beauty of fertility and the precision of ovulation.

We were created as the most remarkable of beings and every ovulation a miracle of precise hormonal interaction. Our womanhood must be celebrated, and we must honour and respect this gift. Too often in this modern age we seek to control everything. Where has our trust gone and why don’t we give our bodies the chance to perform naturally as they were designed to do so.

I meet so many women who believe that natural fertility is all about having an uncontrollable number of babies and losing themselves along the journey. As women, we can feel that pregnancy consumes our bodies, and I understand that many women feel powerless and fearful during this time… especially when faced with surprise pregnancies.

I teach the Billings Ovulation Method. This is the most reliable and scientifically sound method; easy to learn and simple to practice. Just as you would seek out advice and create a plan with a Naturopath or Holistic Specialist, learning the Billings Method requires the sound guidance of an accredited teacher. Book an appointment with me or enquire as to how the Billings Method can work for you.

The acknowledgement of fertility as a true gift brings great empowerment, reverence and freedom.

The article above was written by Rebecca Crowe and reposted with permission and minor edits here.

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