Period Products

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Menstruation is a normal and healthy part of life for most women of reproductive age. On average a women will menstruate for about 7 years of her life (that’s 7 days per period x 12 times a year x about 30 years of her life!). During this time, a woman will use on average 10 thousand pads or tampons. Most will end up in landfills as plastic waste. These single use disposable menstrual products present a personal cost to the user as well as an environmental cost to the planet.
Our green period products – including period undies and menstrual cups – will not only save you money in the long run, but they will help save the waste that is burdening our planet. Every small change helps!

Period Products

We import the finest scientifically verified products from around the world to New Zealand, including period underwear and menstrual cups.

ModiBodi Period Underwear for girls, tweens and teens

Modibodi Period Underpants

Period pants designed especially with tweens and teens in mind. Hipster bikini undies for teens & tweens.

Period underwear

Modibodi Period Underpants

These hi-tech period pants have a super-slim (3mm) super absorbent gusset that holds fluid without leaking.

Period pants

Modibodi Period Underpants

Say “Hello” to your new sleep shorts! This comfy boyshort style is perfect for those who like extra coverage around the bottom and thighs.

Menstrual cup

Lunette Menstrual Cups

All Lunette menstrual cups give you a comfortable, safe, odourless and eco-friendly period for up to 12 hours a day.

Common Questions

Period underwear look and feel just like normal underwear, but they are able to hold and absorb up to 50 ml of liquid! The underwear consists of a few different material layers (see the next FAQ) that help to draw moisture away from your body, absorb fluid, and prevent any leakage with a waterproof layer.

The top layer, closest to your skin, is made from merino wool. This layer wicks moisture, is soft on skin, and naturally antimicrobial and anti-odour. The middle layer/s are quick drying microfibre to absorb fluid and odour – and lock it away. The bottom later is for peace of mind, it’s a waterproof, breathable layer that provides additional leak-proof protection completing the Modibodi exclusive technology combination.

Depending on which type of period underwear you go for, they can absorb anywhere from 1 tampons worth (1 teaspoon or 5 ml) to 10 tampons worth (10 teaspoons or 50 ml)!

Modibodi products are machine washable.  We recommend washing on a gentle cycle, cold machine wash and hang to dry for a sun-kissed feel. 

Quick Tips: 1. To maximize the performance of your garments, please give your Modibodi a good wash before your first wear. This will help activate the Modifier Technology in the gusset to ensure the product is absorbent. 2. No fabric softeners and strong detergents e.g. stain removers, please! It breaks down the hi-tech function of our garments and also reduces the durability of the fabrics and trims, so they won’t last as long.  3. No tumble-drying or exposure to high temperatures, please! Exposure to high temperatures can impact the technology in the gusset and also damage the Merino wool layers of the gusset/padding. 4. Do not soak.  Squeezing the deposits out under the running water is much more effective, as soaking does not necessarily clear the gusset out fully. It is more effective to rinse under running water and then place them into the washing machine. 

Yes! If you are one of the 1 in 3 women that experience light to moderate bladder leaks or light incontinence, the Modibodi patented Modifier Technology™ underpants are a fantastic option for you.  

They are breathable, odour resistant, super absorbent, leak-proof, stain-resistant, and wick moisture away from your skin so you feel dry, odour free and fresh all day. 

Some have said it is super easy and they got it right away. Some said it took five periods before they got it right! When you try the cup for the first time read the instructions well and try to be as relaxed as possible. Try different kinds of foldings and positions and get to know your body. Wash your hands and use your fingers and a little mirror to learn what’s your body like. If it doesn’t go well for the first time do not panic. It can take some time but i’m sure you’ll learn it!

A menstrual cup is a menstrual hygiene device which is inserted into the vagina during menstruation. Its purpose is to collect menstrual fluid. The Lunette menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone.

Lunette menstrual cups come in 2 sizes. Model 1 can hold about 25 ml of blood and Model 2 can hold up to 30 ml. This might not seem like much but the average person only releases about 2-3 tablespoons (or 45 ml) of blood during each period.

The Lunette cup should be cleaned before and after your cycle and after emptying. We suggest boiling your menstrual cup for 5 minutes. If this is not a good option for you (say, while you’re out shopping or camping) wipe your cup out with toilet paper or use a Lunette disinfecting wipe.

Customer Reviews

I recently put in an IUD so I don't always know when my period will come (still trying to figure it out) and I often use these. They just feel like regular panties, they don't bulk up at all. Oh, and they're so comfyyyy I have a bigger belly so the full brief option is really good - a lot like high waisted pants iykyk
Love them!
My daughter got her periods 3 month ago, age 12. She was struggling to use normal pads, finding what suits her best. My friend recommended the periods pants, and I bought 2 diffrent types, she uses the sorts for sleeping and normal bikini hipster for daytime. She asolutely loves these pants,makes so much different, fit perfectly and no more struggles with changing normal pads.I definitely recommend this to everybody.
Period Underwear for girls, tweens and teens by ModiBodi
Makes huge difference
I’ve been using Lunette for over a year and the cup is perfect for me! I just bought a new one because I accidentally left mine boiling in a pot until there was no water left! Whoops! I love the new products you have too, I bought the wipes and the wash and both are awesome!
Menstrual cup
Perfect cup for me!