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Increase Your Pregnancy Chances with the Most Comprehensive At-Home Fertility Test Yet

If you want to increase your chances of pregnancy by up to 75%*, get Complete. Measure all 4 cycle hormones for a comprehensive fertility map, including:

  • A snapshot of ovarian reserve, a.k.a. an estimate of how many eggs you have left
  • Up to 6 fertile days – 3x more than typical tests!
  • Patented testing method to confirm successful ovulation during the implantation window
  • An actionable, end of cycle fertility hormone report

Hormones and ovulation can vary cycle-to-cycle, so we always recommend getting 2 full cycles of testing data for the most complete picture and actionable information to move you forward.

Each kit includes 3 FSH tests and 17 Multihormone tests. You’ll need to start testing on cycle day 5 & follow the testing prompts in the Proov Insight app.

Get lab-quality numerical results right on your phone, with no need to buy an extra monitoring device! These products are now in New Zealand.

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Precise monitoring of a range of hormones to take the guesswork out of fertility tracking.

Early cue to your fertile window so you can plan ahead and make the most of it. 

FDA Approved
Proov Complete strips are CE Mark approved!

Easily fits into your busy routine, takes about 10 minutes to perform.
Backed by Science
With decades of research on the importance of hormones in fertility, Proov can detect accurate levels.
Real-time Data
Displays results instantly on a free Proov app. 




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