Hormone test strips – FSH – check your ovarian status


Assess your ovarian status with Proov ovarian reserve testing

Proov Reserve FSH tests are simple pee tests that provide insight into your ovarian reserve (how many eggs you have on hand). Scan your results with the free Proov Insight app to get lab-quality numerical results right on your phone, with no need to buy an extra monitoring device!

Understanding FSH levels can give insight into your overall ovarian status to help you plan and set you up for success.

These products are now in New Zealand!

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Precise FSH monitoring, alongside PdG and LH, to take the guesswork out of fertility tracking.

Early cue to indicate your ovarian reserve.

FDA Approved
Proov FSH meets FDA standards.

Get numerical results in 10 minutes with the Proov Insight app.
99% accurate for detecting FSH in urine, when levels are at or above normal range.
Real-time Data
Displays results instantly on a free Proov app. 




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