Sex is one of the primal instincts we as humans have. It’s not only for the purpose of reproduction but also for the purpose of pleasure. There are many different types of sex, starting with vaginal, oral, and anal as some of the most popular. We all know sex should be an enjoyable activity for everyone included. It shouldn’t cause any unexpected pain or discomfort, which is why it can be a great stress relief. Whichever you may prefer, all types of sex come with benefits you feel afterward.

The science behind it revolves around the most stimulating part – the orgasm. Although it is true that it’s not always about the destination but about the journey, reaching it is always a plus. Orgasm in itself is a brain-stimulating act that results in the production of hormones responsible for physical and sexual arousal, as well as happiness. Adam Safron, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University, says the reason for this is that if you continuously stimulate something in a pleasurable rhythmic way, your brain frequency can be synchronised to it. This can cause a loss of focus and cause a trance like state. In short, stimulation does really make you zone out for a moment which helps your brain to focus on reaching the big O.

Now let’s talk about how sex can actually make you feel better.

1. It makes you happier

The “happiness” hormone produced by your brain is responsible for that good feeling you get during sex. Although many think it is secreted only if you orgasm, it’s produced by your brain during pleasurable sexual activity. These hormones not only make you feel happier but also help you manage your stress more easily.

2. It makes you more relaxed

Like any other physical activity, stress requires some stamina. It’s categorised as a type of physical activity (you can find it there in the Bellabeat app). It raises your heart rate and is a great cardio option!

As many people find it hard to feel in the mood when they’re stressed, it’s always a good thing to try working out for a bit as it may help you feel more relaxed and confident.

3. It helps you manage your health

We all know stress is one of the main causes of an array of illnesses currently impacting the world. The World Health Organisation has dubbed stress the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century”, due to its negative impact on our overall health, especially cardiovascular. According to a study published in the Journal of Biological Psychology, sexual activity can prevent increases in blood pressure during stressful events. This can make a significant change for individuals who work in high-stress jobs and decision-making roles.

After reading through this hopefully it’s clear that sex is an integral part of our daily lives with a bunch of proven benefits for not only our emotions but also physical health. It’s always important to remember some of the basic tips you should follow when indulging in any sexual activity:

Condoms are still the only type of contraception that protects you from STDs as well as pregnancy.

No matter whether it’s a long-term partner or a one-night stand, make sure your partner gives explicit consent to any sexual activity.

Make sure sex is pleasurable and makes you feel good. It’s supposed to be funny, emotional, loving or any other positive feeling you may feel – it’s up to you!

The FemTech Revolution has republished this blog with permission, and minor edits, from the Bellabeat website.

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