Meet our first ‘kegglet’, Isaiah

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The first ‘kegglet’ was born in March 2021. We’re aware that trying to conceive might take a lot of energy. And can feel like a roller coaster of emotions. But we also want to give hope to all the women wherever they are in their conceiving journey. We’re here for you. Just to have it […]

More Bundles of Joy Thanks to kegg

Spring is in the air, and we are excited to share the news of some sweet new babies that will be coming later this year. While there can be many similarities on the path to motherhood, no two trying to conceive journeys are the same. We are elated to hear these mamas’ stories and celebrate […]

The science behind kegg: A new fertility device in NZ!

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Unlocking cervical fluid research The first scientific research on the changes in cervical fluid within the menstrual cycle dates back to 1946.1 This has been found to be a key fertility indicator. Meet the kegg fertility device. The team of kegg engineers and physicians have spent 3 years of research and discovery, to apply existing […]