How to Use Proov with a Period Tracker

Period tracker apps are incredibly popular, so it’s likely you or someone you know is using one! For many people who are trying to conceive, a period tracker app is the first thing they turn to. They’re convenient, often free, and easy to use.  Period tracking apps don’t tell you everything though. Like whether or […]

Bringing new life: How is technology improving women’s health?

The FemTech Revolution was born from the ashes of 2020, officially being launched in 2021. We are creating a marketplace and a place to discuss and raise the bar for women’s health. And we don’t just mean women’s health – like the dreaded curse as menstruation used to be known. What we mean is the […]

Let’s correct sex-bias in medicine: The FemTech Revolution is here

Colourful heart symbol with the word 'reloveution' written inside

It’s no secret that men and women are different. It’s why we have a whole genre of jokes dedicated to ‘Men are from Mars; women are from Venus’. Mentally, physically, and in terms of their biology, men and women are different. Medicine has often overlooked this. The amount of harm that has come to women […]