Proov Complete Testing System vs Confirm PdG Tests

Proov Complete Hormone Test vs Predict

When it comes to getting a handle on your fertility, you have lots of great options out there! But how do you choose between them? How do you know if you need to predict ovulation, confirm ovulation, or something in between? What’s the fertile window, and do you really need to know when it is? Here we compare Proov Complete […]

How to Use Proov with a Period Tracker

Period tracker apps are incredibly popular, so it’s likely you or someone you know is using one! For many people who are trying to conceive, a period tracker app is the first thing they turn to. They’re convenient, often free, and easy to use.  Period tracking apps don’t tell you everything though. Like whether or […]

How Do Ovulation Tests Work?

Fertility tracking ovulation test kits

When it comes to trying to conceive, timing is so important! There is only one day when ovulation occurs are just a few days each month where you can successfully conceive. This period is known as your “fertile window”. But how do you know when you’re going to ovulate? Enter ovulation tests! These widely available and easy-to-use tests […]

Poor sleep quality? This might be why

Poor quality sleep - women's health

We’ve all experienced those restless nights when good sleep quality seems to evade us no matter how hard we try. Tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling, and counting sheep become futile exercises as our minds race and our bodies resist the blissful embrace of slumber. While the usual suspects of stress, caffeine, and an […]

5 Steps to Become More Positive

Happy woman

If you want to change your luck, change your attitude. You must’ve heard of this saying by John E. Gibson before but haven’t really put your mind to it. The truth is, we don’t really give much attention to the impact our attitude has on our success, life, and progress. Today, we decided to focus just […]

Let’s unravel menopause and tackle it head-on!

The word menopause

Yes, I said the ‘M’ word! It comes to all us women and I’m here to say it’s OK. Menopause is a natural stage in every woman’s life; let’s talk about it openly, normalise it and stop making women feel ashamed of it. Heck, I want to go one step further and suggest that we […]

Bringing new life: How is technology improving women’s health?

The FemTech Revolution was born from the ashes of 2020, officially being launched in 2021. We are creating a marketplace and a place to discuss and raise the bar for women’s health. And we don’t just mean women’s health – like the dreaded curse as menstruation used to be known. What we mean is the […]