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Information is power: using tech to bridge the gender gap in healthcare

Like in many aspects of life, there remains an undercurrent of sex bias against women in healthcare.

The FemTech Revolution: How technology is bridging the sex gap in healthcare

This article on Best Tech Ever describes The FemTech Revolution’s purpose and provides a few examples of FemTech and AI in women’s health.

International Women’s Day: Women at the forefront of bioengineering innovation

One of the themes of International Women’s Day 2022 is the championing of women forging innovation through technology.

How FemTech is Narrowing the Gender Gap in Healthcare.

FemTech, or Female Technology, encompasses software/apps, devices, and innovative products supporting women’s health.

Women’s Health in Australia

A snapshot into the latest issues and policies affecting women around the country.

Sex and sickness: Gender bias in medicine is still putting women at risk

OPINION: Sexism in medicine is a centuries-old problem – and we have a long way to go.

Gender bias in medicine still putting women’s health at risk

ANALYSIS: Focus on male biology is leaving women’s illnesses under-researched and undiagnosed.

Gender bias in medicine and medical research is still putting women’s health at risk

The lack of recognition of sex differences in biology and medicine is a huge issue science has only recently begun to rectify.